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Middlesex University diploma of Bachelor

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Undergraduate: Used art, architecture design, textile, electronic arts, fashion, film studies, TV production, art, jewelry, professional, print fabrics and adornment, visual communication design, dance, drama, music, performance art, product design and engineering, all kinds of design major, English, media and language study, English language and English culture, English literature, journalism, journalism and media studies, mass Media and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Politics and international Relations, Publishing and media, English teaching, Television Production studies, Translation, Writing and Media, Modern Languages.
Master degree: Culture, architecture and space design, interactive media design, architecture design, Electronic Arts, film and visual culture, art, art theory and practice, audio and video art, dance, dance and the performing arts, music/music education, performance art, drama director, aesthetics and art theory, comparative culture, culture, international relations, media and communication management, the modern European philosophy, Britain Language teaching and applied language, translation theory and practice.
The university offers 355 bachelor's degree programs and 249 master's degree programs in three faculties (Science and Technology, Social Science and Art). It has outstanding overall advantages in business, economics, management science, law, international relations, criminology, computer, multimedia and design. The school offers courses including art and design, business studies, computing, fashion, health sciences, tourism management, journalism, law, media and culture, music, nursing, political science, and psychology. All courses are taught in terms of credit. The flexible, modular unit structure means that students can either study a major in depth to suit the needs of a major, or design their own mix of required or elective courses to suit individual interests and preferences.
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