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Buy a Japan fake Visa for the latest version, Premium Japan Tourist Visa for sale, purchase a fake Japan Visa in a week. Japanese tourist visa can be divided into three types: single visa, multiple visa for three years and multiple visa for five years. It should be noted that the Japanese visa application needs to be handled by the agency designated by the Japanese Embassy, and individuals cannot submit material application, so we are your best choice. Single entry visa: valid for 90 days, maximum stays 15 days. Entry times once, suitable for the first time to experience Japan's friends. Starting from January 1, 2019, 1,243 universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China (previously 75 universities), including all undergraduate and postgraduate students and students within 3 years of graduation, can apply for a Visa to Japan by providing proof of student status on the Xuexin website. You do not need to provide proof of assets (annual income above 100,000 RMB is curre

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